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Witt Speedboys / Speedgirls Logos

Witt Speedboys Logo
Witt Speedboys Logo

Witt Illinois Sesquicentennial is coming up. They had this old Marathon sign right on Main Street. I'm in the process of repainting it for them with the Witt Speedboys & Speedgirls school logos. It's going to rain the next couple days. I'm hoping to finish it for them on this Sunday. Envision Witt came up with the idea for the sign. I had a gallon of primer left over from the World Needs God Neon Sign so I gave that to them. They got it scraped, primed and ready for me to paint the lettering and logo.

Completed Witt Speedgirls Logo

Both sides completed just in time for the Witt Illinois Sesquicentennial. Hand painted Witt School Logos. This was hard to paint. The wind blowing caused the sign to move back and forth about a quarter inch making it difficult to paint straight lines. Compared to the before photo it looks awesome now. Painting this old sign was a great idea. Thanks to Donna, Joyce, Cheryl and Envision Witt.

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