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Julius Weingand One Of Hillsboro's Leading Merchants
Julius Weingand One Of Hillsboro's Leading Merchants

One of Hillsboro's leading merchants for nearly fifty years was Julius M. Weingand who is pictured as he looked forty years ago. Mr. Weingand, who operated a hardware store in the building in which Gregg's Ace Hardware is now located, was working in the shovel, rake and hoe department when this picture was taken in February 1938.

Shortly after the turn of the century Julius Weingand and his brother, Andy, went into the grocery business and operated a store in the building now occupied by Ben's Male Shop. He left the grocery store twelve years later to become manager of the hardware store, which he would later own, for Charlie McDavid.

In 1918 his brother, Andy, joined him and they purchased the McDavid hardware store, which they operated as partners until 1925 when Julius purchased his brother's interest in the business.

Until he sold his store in 1944 to Dean Foster and retired, Mr. Weingand was assisted in its operation by his wife, the former Miss Orlena Smith of Nokomis. Prior to her marriage Mrs. Weingand had worked at the Pannwitt hardware store in Nokomis and was familiar with that type of business.

Mr. Weingand died in 1965 at the age of 86. His widow still makes her home at their residence on West Summer street.

A hardware store has been operated in the same building for more than a century. A store was operated in that location in early times by a brother-in-law of the late Capt. John F. Glenn, by the name of Stewart.

Mr. Stewart sold the business to Linxwiler and Tobin who sold it to Harris and McDavid. Logan McDavid purchased Mr. Harris' interest in the business and later sold the store to his nephew, Charlie McDavid.

Charlie sold the store to Mr. Weingand after becoming a partner in the McDavid Motor Car Co. After operating the store for nearly thirty years Mr. Weingand sold the business to Dean L. Foster in 1944. Mr. and Mrs. Foster operated the store until 1961 when they sold the business to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shinns. John and Margaret Haarstick purchased the firm from the Shinns and after operating it for more than ten years sold it to the present owners, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Gregg.

Written by: Tom Bliss

Published in: The Montgomery News

Part of Our Past

Published around 1978


Gregg's Ace Hardware

Gregg's Ace Hardware from December 23, 1981
Gregg's Ace Hardware from December 23, 1981

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