The Union Block - Downtown Hillsboro

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Union Block Buildings Main Street Hillsboro 1874
Union Block Buildings Main Street Hillsboro 1874

The Union Block is a set of three buildings with six storefronts on the West side of Main Street in Hillsboro Illinois. R. A. Hastings Architect & Builder. The top drawing shows how the buildings looked in 1874. These buildings are all still standing. The Montgomery County Loan & Trust Company has changed their name a few time. Now known as Bank of Hillsboro they moved out of the Union Block in 2014 into new offices they built just South of the Union Block.

In 1874 the businesses were:

S. Kahn - Fancy Goods & Millinery

Gilmore & Edwards - Drug Store

D. Sternberg & Brother - Farmer Store and Dry Goods - Clothing

Hillsboro Woolen Mills - Store - I. H. Shimer

The Montgomery County Loan and Trust Company

Taylor & Barkley - Printing Office

Today the businesses are:

Cullison Law Office - 220 S, Main St.

Spear's Title Company - 218 S. Main St

Subway - 216 S. Main St.

Lighthouse Pregnancy & Health Services - 214 S. Main St.

Hillsboro Garden Restaurant - 212 S. Main St. & 210 S. Main St.

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