The Old Settlers - Hillsboro Illinois

The Old Settlers Cabin - Hillsboro Illinois
The Old Settlers Cabin - Hillsboro Illinois

The Old Settlers meet and talk over the time,

When they hustled like smoke to get hold of a dime;

And they tell of their cabins with hewed puncheon floors,

And relate how they shot wild deers from their doors;

They talk of the days, when, with vigorous frame,

They passed through the woods in search of wild game;

How the wild turkeys roosted around the trees,

And they killed what they wanted for dinner with ease;

How the wolves used to howl and the hounds used to run,

And the fox dug its hole unscared and unskun!

Then they talk to the days when their cheeks were in bloom,

And they heard the sweet music of spindle and loom,

When they baked the corn dodgers with coals on the hearth,

And men were not prized for the cash they were worth.

They speak of the time when they knit all their socks,

And their doors were not fashioned with bolts or with locks.

When the women wore linsey and the men folk wore jeans,

And the boys never courted till out of their teens.

And the idea prevails with all, every one

That the people nowadays don't see any fun.

Written by: C. W. Bliss - 1898

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