The Montgomery News Photo Archive #1

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hillsboro Country Club
#1 ~ Hillsboro Country Club

I found a box of 3,500 negatives from the Montgomery News. These are Black & White 35mm negative strips and the images appeared in the newspaper. The images date between 1990 and 1995. This is the first post showing some of the scans. If you have additional information on any of these photos (like names, dates or events) please post a comment or contact me.

I posted photos #1, #2 and #3 on Facebook Sunday October 24, 2021. This page has nine more photos that haven't been seen before.

#1 ~ Hillsboro Country Club -

Retired volunteer fireman gave 144 years
#2 ~ Retired volunteer fireman gave 144 years

#2 ~ Retired volunteer fireman gave 144 years

May 6, 1992 - Hillsboro - Firemen's Clubhouse

Six retired volunteer firemen who devoted a total of 144 years to the safety of HIllsboro area residents were honored Sunday afternoon at a family picnic of HIllsboro Volunteer Fire Department. They were saluted by Volunteer Fire Chief Richard Hewitt, who presented them with recognition plaques. Pictured with their fire truck decorated cake are, from left, Melvin Russell, a fireman for 32 years; former captain and assistant chief Denver Meyer, 30 years; Vince Meyers, 32 years: retired Public Safely Commissioner Bruce Holcomb, recognized for upgrading the department during his nine years on the city council; and former assistant chief John Downs, 29 years. Not present was Oliver D. Jones, 12 years.

Witt Girl Scout Troop
#3 ~ Witt Girl Scout Troop

#3 ~ Scout Leader: Trina Britton

Grand finale for twins and Coach Ball
#4 ~ Grand finale for twins and Coach Ball

#4 ~ Grand finale for twins and Coach Ball

February 26, 1992 - Hillsboro

It was a bittersweet hug from Hiltopper Coach Dave Ball as he congratulated seniors Matt and Mark Hughes for Matt's championship and Mark's close 2nd place finish in the Class A state wrestling tournament.

#5 ~ ?

#5 ~ No information. Anthony Coderko center.

#6 ~ ?

#6 ~ No information.

Hillsboro Chamber says "Congratulations!"
#7 ~ Hillsboro Chamber says "Congratulations!"

#7 ~ Hillsboro Chamber says "Congratulations!"

February 19, 1992 - Hillsboro - The News office

Directors of Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce made a surprise visit Friday to the Montgomery County News to congratulate Bob Bliss and Nancy Slepicka on the Bliss family's 100th anniversary as publishers of The News. They brought a tall Ficus tree, which joined two other anniversary gifts, a large Boston fern and a blooming hibiscus plant - suddenly the News' business office looks like a greenhouse.

From left: Chamber President Dennis Yokley, Vice President Doug Bell, Bob Bliss, Nancy Slepicka, Past President Jim Salske and Treasurer Nancy Galer.

Witt Lions Club
#8 ~ Witt Lions Club

#8 ~ No information.

#9 ~ Putnam Wright Ford Dealership

#9 ~Back row: Don Putnam, Ron Wright and Sheila Callahan.

Benefit for diabetes research tops $10,000.00
#10 ~ Benefit for diabetes research tops $10,000.00

#10 ~ Benefit for diabetes research tops $10,000.00

February 19, 1992 - Litchfield - The Gardens

Members of the organizing committee pictured with Paul Wapple, sports director for WICS-TV in Springfield, in the front row from the left are, Jane Dougherty, Marilyn McKay, Dona McGraw and Susan Griffin, Back row, Jan Niehaus, Wendy Wuttke, Anne Hantla and Carol Drummet.

The Red Rooster
#11 ~ The Red Rooster

#11 ~ Montgomery County Democrats

?, Coroner Rick Broaddus, US Senator Richard Durbin, State Senator Vince Demuzio, State Representative Gary Hannig, State’s Attorney Kathy Dobrinic, Regional Schools Superintendent Greg Springer, County Democrat Chairman Ted Elizondo, ?.

#12 ~ ?

#12 ~ No information.

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