The Jolly Golfers ~ 1995

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hillsboro County Club - 1995 - The Jolly Golfers
Hillsboro County Club - 1995 - The Jolly Golfers

Seated from the left: Betty Watkins, Ellen Fulkerson, Rilla Gage, Lou Rademacher, Stella Zimmer, Jo Vandever and Agnes Strauber.

Standing in front: Maynard Watkins, Jim Fulkerson, Rowley Pence, Vi Robb, Al Zimmer, Mary Borror, Audrey McCaw, and Mary Seltzer.

Standing in back: Bud and Jane Hoff, Butch Seltzer, Lyn Lingle, John Bullington and Rose Bullington, and Ralph Vandever.

Taken at Hillsboro Country Club 1995.

Photo from: The Montgomery News

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