The House That Glass Built

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

208 W Tremont Street - Hillsboro Illinois
208 W Tremont Street - Hillsboro Illinois

208 West Tremont Street Hillsboro Illinois

The three story brick home of Lorna and Bill Jones was built in 1925 by A. L. Schram, who came to Hillsboro in 1905 to establish the Schram Glass plant, now Hillsboro Glass Co.

Scram Automatic Sealer Co. Glass Jars - Made in Hillsboro Illinois.
Scram Automatic Sealer Co. Glass Jars - Made in Hillsboro Illinois.

Mr. Schram a brick mason by trade invented a new type of fruit jar and cap, and was able to interest investors in building a plant to manufacture them. Through the efforts of Hillsboro businessmen, the plant was established here.

The Village of Schram City grew up around the factory, which was sold to Ball Brothers in 1926 and to Hiram Walker in 1961.

Alexander Lumson Schram
Alexander Lumson Schram

Both Mr. and Mrs, Schram were natives of Canada and had no children. She died in 1930, and he in 1946.

With Mr. Schram's inventive turn of mind he was interested in the latest in gadgets and new ideas, and his house had both an oil and a coal furnace and a water softener.

When Mr. Schram died, the house was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Walker, who owned a chain of five variety stores. The Hillsboro store at the corner of Main and Water was sold in 1975, and Mrs. Walker died in 1977. The Jones couple purchased the home from the Walker's son.

Unique features of the home include a glassed-in front porch, side entrance and porte-cochere, and newly created third floor recreation room with bar, pool table and TV/conversation area.

Hillsboro 2000 and Beyond held a home tour October 16, 1994.

Written by: Nancy Slepicka

Published by: The Montgomery County News

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