The "Hillsboro" Opened

The Hillsboro Hotel - Hillsboro Illinois
The Hillsboro Hotel - Hillsboro Illinois

The Hillsboro was formally opened with a big reception and supper on Friday evening of last week and the event was one of the most pleasant and successful social events that has transpired here for a great many years. The attendance was very large, there being more then two hundred guests present and a more congenial crowd never came together in Hillsboro. The dining room was handsomely decorated and festooned with vari-colored electric lights and the entire house was brilliantly illuminated.

The first part of the evening was devoted to the reception of guests and it was the intention of the management to allow the young people the privilege of dancing after the supper was served but owning to the large attendance and the trouble experienced in serving so many people, supper was not finished until a very late hour, so the dancing was dispensed with. It was also intended to serve the first tables at 8:30 o’clock but it was more then an hour after that time before the first tables were filled and by the time the second table had finished, the hour was so late, the guests adjourned to the lobby of the hotel where toasts were given instead of at the table as was arranged. It was hard to fill the first table owning to the fact that the guests as a rule wanted to remain until the second table so they could hear the toasts but those who waited were sorry they did as there was a rush for places when the doors were thrown open the second time and about fifty were compelled to remain for the third table.

The music furnished by the Light Guard Band was first class and sounded very pretty. The players were stationed on the veranda of the hotel and from that advantage the music was not only enjoyed by those inside the hotel but by the people who gathered on the outside of the hotel, not feeling able to attend the function. The songs by the male quartette were well received and though the singing would have sounded better had the quartette been able to have a piano accompaniment but as it was the singing was enjoyed by everyone.

The responses to the toasts by Hon. Amos Miller, Hon. Geo. R. Cooper and Hon. E. Lane were all first class and were loudly applauded at close of each.

The supper served at the banquet was a supper in every sense of the word and though it was impossible to serve in courses to the number of people present, yet everything was so arranged that the guests had all they could eat and then some, of the best cooked and choicest dishes that could be prepared.

Taken from The Montgomery News - November 28, 1902

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