Staff At Hillsboro National Bank

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Staff at Hillsboro National Bank in Hillsboro Illinois. Photo provided by: Jane Hart
Staff at Hillsboro National Bank in Hillsboro Illinois. Photo provided by: Jane Hart

These Hillsboro bankers waited on customers and balanced the books during the Great Depression at Hillsboro National Bank.

Just when the picture of the three-man, three-woman bank staff was taken is not known, but it is known what their monthly salaries were at the beginning of 1934.

The staff members, from left, and their monthly salaries were: Mrs. James (Edith Micheletta) Guiney, $100 per month; Miss Lucille Fellis, $70 per month; George Fisher, president, $375 per month; Carl Killpatrick, $150 per month Anthony Schindler, cashier, $217.50 per month; and Miss Martha Evans, $70 per month.

They never missed a paycheck. While banks at Donnellson, Panama, Fillmore, Irving, Nokomis, Harvel, Farmersville, Taylor Springs and Hillsboro became victims of the great depression, Hillsboro National Bank continued to wait on customers and balance the books.

On November 6, 1982, the bank celebrated its 100th anniversary.

By 1942, the bank staff had increased to 10 and most of the salaries had been increased, too. The yearly salaries set at the beginning of 1942 gave Mr. Fisher $5,000 yearly; Mr. Schindler, $2,700; Carl Killpatrick, $2,000; Mrs. Guiney, $1,400; and Miss Fellis, who by then was Mrs. Bert Myers, $1,080. Others on the bank staff and their salaries were Harry Todd, $1,800; Kenneth Milam, $1,200; Kenneth Keepper, $900; and Ludmilla Jagosh and Mary Hope, each $780.

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