Prize Winning Safety Ship 1926

Old Settlers 1926 - Prize Winning Safety Ship
Old Settlers 1926 - Prize Winning Safety Ship

By Tom Bliss - Montgomery County News

Do you remember when this "safety ship" won the blue ribbon or first prize for the best decorated float in the Old Settlers parade?

If your memory goes back fifty years to September 2, 1926 when this home designed, home constructed and home decorated float entered in the parade by employees of the Eagle Pitcher plant who were "broadcasting" and practicing safety as shown on the "life preservers" on the side of the "yacht" which revealed the greatest number of days each department had operated without an accident.

The company furnished the materials for the float and all of the work was done by men employees who claimed that not a girl touched it.

John Sidwell and Charles Mey were the "lifesavers" who were operating the safety ship and Clarence McDavid, sitting in the rear of the "ship," was the radio operator "broadcasting safety."

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