Navy Veterans Are Guests of Hillsboro Rotary Club

Navy Veterans Are Guests of Hillsboro Rotary Club
Navy Veterans Are Guests of Hillsboro Rotary Club

T. H. King was program chairman, Monday night, at a meeting of the Hillsboro Rotary club held at The Hillsboro Hotel, when the topic was "Our Navy." Mr. King had 32 Navy Veterans as his guests at the meeting. The guests were introduced by Harry O. Pinkerton, a member of the club and Mr. King presented four of them to make short talks on the Navy. Talks were made by Vincent Merrlett, Max Schwartz, Shirley Collins and A. P. Rosche.

The Totariams were delighted to have the Navy Veterans present and the evening was enjoyable both for the guests and the members.

Those shown in the picture are, reading from left to right:

First row - Charles Mayer, Marvin Traylor, Elza Short, Earl Traylor, Mike Fudoli, Henry Barbetti and Caroll Lentz.

Second row - Reginald Strange, Vincent Merritt, Jim Lyerla, Dale Traylor, George Whalen, Shirley Collins, Fred Birzele and Walter Lee Voils.

Third row - Anthony Coderko, John McKenzie, Louis Welge, George Johnsey, Louis Collins, Max Schwartz, Ralf Hauck, Al Rosche, Tommy Martin and Steve Fudoli.

Fourth row - Bill VanNess, Charles Moon, Dick Smith, Carter Hanner, John Walters, George Ludwig, Fenwick Nelson, James Gibb Jr., Claude Grotts and James Barbetti.

No date was written on this newspaper clipping.

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