Montgomery County Telephone and Telegraph Company

We have this little history of the Montgomery County Telephone and Telegraph Company from A. M. Howell, manager.

The incorporation papers of the Montgomery County Telephone Company were applied for on the 21 of October, 1895, the incorporators being George W. Huffer, Coffeen; W. S. Barry, Coffeen; Jacob J. Frey, Hillsboro; Chas. A. Ramsey, Hillsboro; the stock being subscribed for as follows: Chas. A. Ramsey, 200 shares, $2.000; W. A. Howett, 200 shares, $2,000; A. M. Howell, 200 shares, $2,000; and J. J. Frey, 200 shares, $2,000; total, $8,000. On the 29 of August of that year the first meeting of the subscribers was held and the following directors elected: C. A. Ramsey, W. A. Howett, A. M. Howell and J. J. Frey. The following were elected as officers: J. J. Frey, president; A. M. Howell, vice president; C. A. Ramsey, secretary; and W. A. Howett, attorney. These directors served until the 31 of August, 1890, when the following directors were elected: C. A. Ramsey, Dr. W. H. Cook, A. M. Howell, J. J. Frey, W. A. Howett, Garrett Carstens, and B. F. Culp, and on the same day the following were elected officers: C. A. Ramsey, president; W. H. Cook, vice president; A. M. Howell, secretary; .J. J. Frey, treasurer; and W. A. Howett, attorney. On the 3 of December, 1895 the secretary of state authorized the company to do business under the charter granted at that time.

Mr. Howell continued secretary from the time of his first election till November 1, 1915, when it becoming necessary for the company to have more money for the improvements needed and the increasing business, it was decided to sell out the old company which was capitalized at only $8,000 to a new company just organized called the Montgomery County Telephone and Telegraph Company, with a capital of $100,000. This company is virtually composed of the same stockholders as the old company, and has been doing business since November 1, 1915, with the following officers: A. M. Howell, president; J. W. Ward, vice president; C. W. Bliss, J. W. Ward, J. J. Frey, directors; and E. C. Constans, secretary and treasurer. This company has some 2,000 telephones, practically reaching every important center of business in the county, and with long distance connections that makes its service indispensable, and is a valuable addition to the industries of the county.

Taken from: Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Montgomery County

By A. T. Strange 1918

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