Montgomery County Bootleggers 1922

Colt Thompson Machine Gun 1921
Colt Thompson Machine Gun 1921

This bit of history comes from Montgomery County Sheriff Rick Robbins.

In 2003 Irma Hill Maynor stopped by the MCSO and requested to speak to me. Mrs. Maynor told me how she remembered her father, Montgomery County Sheriff Charles Hill seizing a tommy gun from bootleggers. Sheriff Hill was Montgomery County Sheriff in 1922 till 1926. Mrs. Maynor believed that her father confiscated the Colt Thompson machine gun in 1922. She also remembered that Sheriff Hill had also gotten a whiskey bottle from the same criminals. Prior to Mrs. Maynor's visit no one that was currently employed at the Sheriff's Office truly knew where the Thomspon rifle came from. Mrs. Maynor was able to educate me with the history of the weapon and whiskey bottle that the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office still retains. Mrs. Maynor also told me stories of her mother cooking the meals for the inmates and that she loved helping her serve the meals. I let Mrs. Maynor pose with the "Tommy" for a photo.

A few days of learning the history of the Colt Thompson I recieved a card via the postal service informing me of the death of Mrs. Maynor. Mrs. Maynor died due to injuries in an automobile accident.

The Colt Thomspon was built in 1921.

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