Litchfield Marble & Granite Works

Litchfield Illinois - Litchfield Marble and Granite Works
Litchfield Illinois - Litchfield Marble and Granite Works

This building had one of the most interesting histories of any building in Litchfield. It was located where the Schwabe Jewelry Store now stands. According to some records it is believed to have been built in Hardinsburg and moved in 1855 by the Methodist Church group to the southwest corner of Hayward (now Union Avenue) and Madison Street. It was sold to the Christian Church in 1856 and moved to the southeast corner of Madison and Third Streets. It was moved to its present location just east of the library and used by the Baptist Church from 1859 until 1875. In 1865-1866 it was also used as a school for the fifth and sixth grades, and later by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. In 1888-1889 it was again used by the Methodist Church, along with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, while the present Methodist Church was being built. It then became the Litchfield Marble and Granite Works.

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