Home of Mr. & Mrs. Denny Spencer

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

417 W Tremont - Hillsboro Illinois
417 W Tremont - Hillsboro Illinois

417 West Tremont Street

Hillsboro, Illinois

The entrance to the Spencer home is through the sun porch, which gives immediate evidence of Kim Spencer's enthusiasm for plants and her success in raising them.

Another surprise is the size of the living room, which is unusually large for this size house. The ornately carved clock on the living room table is an antique from Denny Spencer’s family. Also antiques are the desk and high backed armchair. The large picture over the sofa was painted by Kim’s great uncle, Robert Crowder, a well known artist. The spool cabinet came from the A. D. Pattie Jewelry Store, recently purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Spencer. The large, square mirror on the north wall is from the home of Kim's aunt, Mary Hartline Donahue.

The dining room table is set with four generations of wedding china; that of Kim Coderko Spencer, her mother (Jane Hartline Coderko), her grandmother (Dorothy Crowder Hartline) and her great grandmother (Leila Tobias Hartline). The tablec1oth belonged to Mrs. George (Leila) Hartline. The flower painting on the wall is by Jane Hartline Coderko.

In the bedroom, which opens off the dining room, a bedspread crocheted by Kim's grandmother is displayed.

Sloping ceilings give a cozy feeling to the two upstairs rooms in this house. The north bedroom contains a hope chest owned by Kim's great grand- mother and a bedspread crocheted by her. The quilt was made by Denny's great grandmother. A number of souvenirs of the TV career of Kim's aunt, Mary Hartline, star of Super Circus, are displayed in this room.

Across the hall, white wicker furniture gives a cheerful air to the TV room.

This house was built about 1904 by Charles McHenry, Hillsboro postmaster, and his wife the former Bert Hartline. It is an interesting coincidence that, 72 years later, it was purchased by Mrs. McHenry's great grandniece and her husband. In the meantime, it had several owners and has been altered somewhat.

In the 1970's the Historical Society had home tour each year. This article is from a hand out visitors received when they toured this home.

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