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Updated: Sep 12, 2021

403 Franklin Street - Hillsboro Illinois
403 Franklin Street - Hillsboro Illinois

403 Franklin Street

Hillsboro, Illinois 62049

Dale and Kathy Lingle purchased this residence from the estate of Marie Sullivan in the fall of 1975. The house has since undergone complete redecoration, though no structural changes were made.

The hall tree in the entrance hall is walnut and was purchased in its present condition. All of the other antique furniture has been refinished by Dale, an avid sale buff. The child's rocker by the entrance belonged to Dale's grandfather, Ivan M. Lingle.

Note the stained and leaded windows throughout the house. Most are in the original frames.

Note, also, the large collection of brass candlesticks. All are old and have been polished, as have most of the hardware on the furniture.

On the bookcase in the living room is a complete canister set made in Czechoslovakia. On the coffee table is a bronze bank in the shape of a lion.

The brass lamp with the green shade was purchased from Mrs. Sullivan's estate. The large steam whistle on the hearth was originally on the heating plant that supplied the heat for Hillsboro Main Street businesses. On Armistice Day in 1918, a talented "steam whistle musician" produced a full head of steam and played a version of the "Star Spangled Banner". The small whistle once graced a steam thrashing machine owned by Dale's great, great grand- father, Nathanial Henry Martin Lingle. The grandfather's clock is from Germany. The campaign poster over the fireplace is from the election of 1888.

The secretary bookcase in the hallway is rather unusual, with its oddly shaped mirror. The wall clock on the first landing is also from Germany. The mirror on the second landing is from Mrs. Sullivan's estate and is in the same location as when she owned the house. The washstand at the head of the stairs is over 100 years old. It came from the Felkel farm and originally be- longed to Dale's maternal great grandfather. The bowl and pitcher set was a wedding gift to the parents of Bob Scherer.

The gold bedroom is furnished in oak. The cedar chest was made by Kathy's father. The wooden carpenter's tools were Dale's paternal great grandfather's. On the south wall is a grouping of car prints and automobile memorabilia. The hub caps are from a '47 Chrysler and a '47 Plymouth.

The master bedroom is the only room in the house devoid of antique furniture. The crystal vases on the dresser belonged to Dale's paternal great, great grandfather, who farmed north of Irving in the mid-1800's. The vase enclosed in glass on the chest of drawers was brought from England in 1850 by Dale's maternal great, great, great grandmother, Tabitha Nesbitt Dunsford Mortimer.

A companion piece is in the Royal Collection of English China at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. The stained glass window matches the one in the dining room.

The crib in the nursery is antique and came from Germany. The blue and white quilt was made for Dale's father by his grandmother. The old children's blocks on the bucket bench are very ornate and quite interesting. The kerosene lamp on the dresser came from the Felkel farm and was used before the electricity made it to the country.

The shaving mug in the bathroom was Dale's paternal great grandfather's and was kept for his personal use in the barber shop in Irving. The light fixtures came from Dale's parents' house.

The 54" dining table has a split pedestal with a third leg and will extend to ten feet. Notice the massive claw feet. One of the most interesting pieces in the house is the ''icebox buffet'' on the south wall of the dining room. Ice placed in the top center section not only cooled the contents, but also produced ice water from the spigot. The time clock on the west wall was used by Ivan M. Lingle when he started in the automobile business in 1912 and was purchased second hand at that time.

On the kitchen table are an apple peeler and a cherry pitter, early kitchen conveniences. The old tins on the top of the cabinets were purchased from the estate of Kathryn McDavid Karsell.

The white bench on the patio was in the original Lingle Garage in Irving.

The sled on the patio also belonged to Dale's grandfather, Ivan M. Lingle.

In the 1970's the Historical Society had home tour each year. This article is from a hand out visitors received when they toured this home.

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