History of Taylor Springs Illinois

Business District - Taylor Springs Illinois
Business District - Taylor Springs Illinois

The town of Taylor Springs, one and a half miles south of Hillsboro, has the American Acid Company, the largest smelter in the world. The town of Taylor Springs is on the Big Four Railroad and is connected with Hillsboro by an interurban car line, the property of Southern Illinois Light & Power Company. It’s 1,500 inhabitants are mainly laboring men in the employ of the smelter and of the coal shaft located there. But the town has an efficient town board and public schools for the children under the management of an excellent board of education. As a great many of the men who work in the smelter are foreigners, the smelter employs an instructor to meet the men and boys who are desirous of securing an American education, and giving them the necessary training to fit them for intelligently performing their duties as citizens and assimilating with the people of our county in social and business life. A large part of the supplies for the town and it’s laboring population comes from the farms of the township. Grain, meat, fruit vegetables, milk, honey, butter and other things are raised and sold through retailers to our people, thus insuring fresh and wholesome edibles. Joseph Boggis is the police magistrate, having been elected in 1912 & 1913.

The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Montgomery County - Volume 2 - 1918

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