History of Honey Bend Illinois

When the Wabash Railroad was built across North Litchfield Township, in 1870, at a distance of about six miles from Litchfield, and near the northern line of the township, the right of way of the road ran through a little cluster of houses, and at this point the citizens of the community asked that a station be established, and the request met with a favorable reception and a station was granted. It may be asked, what caused the name of Honey Bend to be given the town, and the following explanation has been given. In an early day, when one found a bee tree, be marked the tree with his own initials or in some other way, and a tree so marked was conceded to belong to the one so marking it. Just where the village was laid out, a certain well-known man found and marked a bee tree. A certain other well known citizen, who was recognized by a peculiar bend of the back, either in a spirit of sport or from sheer acquisitiveness appropriated the honey to his own family stores by cutting and robbing the tree, when no one was present to identify the actor. The miscreant was soon found out and his neighbors in contempt dubbed him Honey Bend. As he owned some of the principal houses in the village, the name soon became a part of the man’s holdings and later of the village.

J. E. Hickman was the first merchant in the village and was also the first postmaster. At the present time the village is a sequestered little place of about 200 inhabitants. There are two general stores, a post office, a blacksmith shop, and a two-room schoolhouse. There is also a Baptist Church, and the Free Methodists had a church house not now in use for worshipping purposes. There is also a grain elevator which is the principal asset of the village. The people of the community are a frugal, industrious, and home loving sort, who are blessed with little of the extravagances of the larger towns.

Taken from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Volume 2 - Montgomery County by A. T. Strange

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