Historic Homes of Tillson Place

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Tillson Place Hillsboro Illinois
Tillson Place Hillsboro Illinois

Hillsborough, Illinois

Tillson Place from notes by Dorothy Whitehead Hough who lived with her Grandparents Jacob and Elizabeth Whitehead as a small child after her mother died.

Lester K. Vandever home at 321 Tillson Place shown in 1938 after 3rd floor was removed.
Lester K. Vandever home at 321 Tillson Place shown in 1938 after 3rd floor was removed.

My father bought the land from Burrell Phillips who moved to a large house on the hill overlooking the creek valley (Shoal Creek in the local vernacular). His son George had a house back of Tillson Place. His wife was Dr. Fields daughter and they had four daughters -Ray, Adel, Louise and Elizabeth and one son Jesse who was named for Jesse J. Phillips, an uncle , a very successful lawyer who became a Judge. I do not remember the court in which he was judge but he moved to Chicago about the time my father bought his father's land.

1906 Hillsboro Map showing part of Tillson Place
1906 Hillsboro Map showing part of Tillson Place

My father divided the land into eight lots and reserved the largest lot for the Whitehead family . He built a brick driveway in a semicircle through this tract of land. The first house, known as No. 1 Tillson Place was occupied by Jim Rice and family. The next lot was empty for many years but eventually built by Frank Brown whose wife was another daughter of Dr. Field

Tillson Place Hillsboro
Tillson Place Hillsboro

The Whitehead house was built - 321 Tillson Pl.. The Chacey's lived next door though the Norths lived their first. They were built by the same contractor - his name was Jones whose daughter was a good friend of Aunt Mattie. Next door on the other side was a house occupied by the Mr. And Mrs.Beck and son Allen about 3 weeks younger than I.


This appears to have been written in the early 1950's. No corrections were made to the original text.


In 1957 the homes were occupied by:

301 - A. E. Muir

306 - Mrs. A. M. Grigg & Mrs. Sophia Johnson

307 - Frank H. Brown

313 - Vacant

317 - Harry Muenter

321 - Lester K. Vandever

500 - C. N. Whitten

In 1975 the homes were occupied by:

301 - Laura M. Hughes

306 - Maurice G. Helston

307 - Ruth Latham

313 - Charles Baxter

317 - Henry W. Peters Sr.

321 - Lester K. Vandever

500 - Robert Whitworth

Sometime before 1938 the home at 321 Tilson Place suffered from a fire and the third floor was removed.

Prior to 1869 Hillsboro had village Presidents instead of Mayors. Burrell Phillips served as President in 1869 and Jacob Whitehead served as President in 1856 & 1860.

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