Historic Courthouse Interior Paint Colors 1871

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

A view showing the original ceiling and walls of the courtroom.

The old courtroom at the historic Montgomery County Illinois courthouse has been extensively remodeled. The ceiling has been lowered by around 6 foot. Above the false ceiling the 150 year old paint and woodwork is still there. It's a very unusual color combination with off white. brown, tan, orange and yellow. The paint is flaking in places and it's clear that this has never been repainted. The orange and yellow areas as well as the decorative leafs are all hand painted. They aren't stenciled. Each is different.

A view of the courtroom in 2020. The original ceiling and paint colors are hidden above the false ceiling.

Looking above the false ceiling we can see the original ceiling, woodwork, cove, trim and paint colors. This is how the courtroom looked when it was built back in 1871.

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