Hillsboro Country Club

Lake Hillsboro & Hillsboro Country Club

The HILLSBORO Country Club, occupying sixty acres on the road to the City Park, has a $25,000 brick and stucco building overlooking the lake, which stretches far to the south and east. Within sight of the club house is the big dam which holds back the waters of the lake.

The structure, erected under the direction of R. M. Roosevelt, was opened with a reception for guests and members on April 2, 1923. Miss Ray Phillips was the first manager of the club.

Although the country club is private, its membership represents almost every profession and business in Hillsboro.

The nine-hole golf course is available to guests sponsored by any member of the club. The club house serves as a meeting place for the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, and is a center for many civic gatherings in Hillsboro.

Officers of the club are: president, Charles Toberman; vice-president, John B. White; secretary, Brewer Dammann; directors. Dr. C. M. Boyd, Dr. H. L. Granier, H. Clay Latham, Sam Little, C. F. McHenry, M. C. Brown.

Taken from: Hillsboro Guide - 1940

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