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Hillsboro Cemetery Walk

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Hiltop Hikers group tours Bluff Cemetery in Hillsboro.
Hiltop Hikers group tours Bluff Cemetery in Hillsboro Illinois.

This afternoon I lead a Cemetery Walk for the Hiltop Hikers group which was organized by Nancy Slepicka. Over two and a half hours we toured four of Hillsboro's cemeteries and stopped by many interesting headstones.

Captain Latinus M. Cram
Captain Latinus M. Cram

At Oak Grove one of the interesting stones we visited was ship Captain Latinus M. Cram. "When a mere lad Latinus Cram was bound as a cabin boy on a vessel plying the Atlantic and ever afterwards followed the sea. Gradually rising from his original humble station to become master of a ship, a position he held for many years. He was drowned in the Ohio river, near Cairo, Illinois, April 9, 1842. His widow survived him many years, dying at Hillsboro, December 27, 1893."

We visited St. Agnes Catholic Cemetery, Oak Grove Cemetery, Hillsboro Mausoleum, Bluff Cemetery and Cress Hill Cemetery.

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