Fillmore Illinois United Methodist Church

Fillmore United Methodist Church

January 1, 1874

A letter from Albert BLISS

To Sister BUTLER

October 7, 1838, Albert BLISS moved into a cabin where Gideon RICHMOND lived. They attended a Methodist Church meeting on Dry Fork at the house of Robert WILLIAMSON. Joseph KNOWLES accompanied them in a wagon. Service was conducted by a Circuit Preacher named HAIL.

There had been a class organized called the Williamson Class. Members were Robert WILLIAMSON and wife, Andy HALFORD and wife, Mr. MAYBERRY and his family, Mrs. CHUMLEY, Richard and all WILLIAMSONs, Joseph KNOWLES, Alfred BLISS, George FAIRBANKS, Lowell FAIRBANKS, Oren FAIRBANKS, William WOLCOTT, Daniel and Mary FAIRBANKS.

This was done in 1838. Dr. LANE and his wife joined the group. In 1841 they built a schoolhouse where Ora LANE lives and got a circuit Preacher every two weeks. The congregation grew to such numbers that they had to have a new meeting place on Gideon RICHMOND ground. In 1841 a Sunday School class was organized with Alfred BLISS as Superintendent and Dr. LANE assistant.

Sometime later the settlement moved north and decided to sell the old building and move to a more centralized place until Fillmore was laid out. The church was sold to an individual and moved to Fillmore by this person.

The group continued to have church in this building until 1892 when they decided to build a new church. In the present one there were 30 members.


Rev. Jesse BOWMAN YOUNG, D.D. Editor of the Central Christian Advocate and later pastor of the M.E. Church at Kansas City, MO will dedicate the M.E. Church at Fillmore, Illinois. Exercises will commence promptly at 11am. You are cordially invited to be with us at the Dedication.

REV. C.L. YORK, Pastor

Methodist Church was built in 1893 and dedicated July 23, 1893. The basement was dug in 1925 and dedicated in 1927. Ladies Aid was organized in 1902.

Jennie RICHMOND WHITLOCK, Raymond RICHMONDs mother, played the organ for the dedication.


1925 John RAPP



1938 L.F. VISE

1942 N.D. MOTZER

1944 W.G. WIGHAM

1948 J.J. SEIBER

1952 Irwin KEARNS

1953 Richard HOWE

1956-57 Philip R. RICHARDS

1957-61 Paul W. PEARSON


1961-62 Boyd CARTER

1962-64 Jack STANLEY

1964-67 John COX

1967-70 Thomas J. HART

1970-78 Charles R. HUTSON

1978-79 Melody Dawn BRAWLEY

1979-83 Paul COPELAND

1983 Robin LYONS

Provided by: Fillmore Historical Society

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