Fillmore Illinois Baptist Church


On February 19, 1891, the Fillmore United Baptist Church was organized. In April 1891, lots were purchased and the building was erected. In October of the same year, it ws dedicated. It being the first church in Fillmore, Mr. Lyman ALLEN, hardware merchant, gave the bell to the church. There were 40 charter members. Elder Elijah RHODES and Elder Josiah W. DILLINGHAM assisted each other as the first pastors. On September 16, 1899, the name of the church was changed from Fillmore United Baptist Church to Fillmore Baptist Church. The first deacons were Jeremiah DENHAM and Henry HANNABARGER. The first church clerk was Jesse GARLAND. The first pianist was Bessie HENDERSON. The first trustees were Robert HENSON, Henry HANNABARGER and S.B. EVANS. First Sunday School Superintendent was Gearge BARTLETT.

Many gifts have been donated in memory of loved ones from stained glass windows, doors, Lord’s Supper glasses, shrubbery, candelabra, organ, P.A system and many other gifts. Earl HOPWOOD donated ground which serves as the parking lot. There have been additions such as, a prayer chapel added and three classrooms. The auditorium has been redecorated with new pews and carpeting. Fillmore Baptist Church celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1941 and their 75th in 1966, and the 100th in 1991.

(Last line has been revised by: Janice Toberman and Tonya Rench)

Provided by: Fillmore Historical Society

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