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Farmers' State Bank of Ohlman

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Farmers' State Bank of Ohlman - Ohlman Illinois
Farmers' State Bank of Ohlman - Ohlman Illinois

On August 1, 2013 I snapped this photo of the Ohlman Bank building. I'm not sure when but this building was torn down but this building is no longer standing. The Ohlman Bank failed during the great depression and never reopened. This bank building is very similar to the Fillmore, Irving and Harvel bank buildings. Harvel no longer stands. There is an article here on my blog about the Harvel bank.

There was an attempted bank robbery at the Ohlman Bank in 1915.

Residents of Ohlman heard a terrific explosion about two o'clock Saturday morning, and thinking that it was probably mine blasting in Nokomis, dismissed the affair without alarm and went back to sleep.

Ed Hebel, a resident of the village arose about an hour later and in going to the house of a neighbor he chanced to pass the bank, which is located on a street near the railroad. His attention was arrested by broken glass lying on the walk in front of the bank building and upon further investigation he soon learned what caused the explosion of an hour before. The alarm was spread and soon a number of villagers were on the scene. But it was too late to catch the dynamiters.

It is though that the would be robbers gained entrance to the building by removing the screen from an unbarred window and then breaking the glass.

It was of course, their intent to burst the vault by a nitroglycerine explosion, but they failed in their purpose. The safe was not badly damaged but the fixtures and interior were damaged to considerable extent. The two but plate glass windows were jarred to pieces. From the evidence it seems that the explosion was premature.

No clues have yet been found that will lend to the identity of the robbers. Two thru freight trains passed thru Ohlman between the time of the explosion and the discovery of it, and while possible, it is not thought that they "caught" those trains.

A reward of $200 is offered for the capture and arrest of the guilty party. The bank is known as the Farmers' State Bank of Ohlman.

The vault was not badly damaged and Henry Heissman the cashier, resumed work in the bank on Saturday. The yeggmen were believed to have been seen headed towards Pana in a touring car. Detectives of the Illinois Bankers' Association are working on the case.

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