“Duck” Weingand’s Grocery Store

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

“Duck” Weingand’s Grocery Store
“Duck” Weingand’s Grocery Store - Main Street Hillsboro Illinois

Do you remember when Andy Weingand opened a grocery store in the present Ben's Male Shop building on the east side of Main Street in Hillsboro which he operated under the name of "Duck's Grocery?"

It was in 1906 when "Duck" Weingand, last of the eight Weingand brothers, became the youngest merchant on Main Street when he purchased Helston Brothers grocery store at the age of 18.

Helston Bros. Sell Out! From the Montgomery News 1906.
Helston Bros. Sell Out! From the Montgomery News 1906.

Later he was joined in the operation of the business by his brother, Julius, and they are pictured at the right center of the picture long with some of their customers who watched the photographer take this picture more than 70 years ago.

In 1907 Duck's Grocery began advertising in the NEWS and among the items featured in the advertisements were Barrington Hall coffee and Swift's premium quality meats.

Other new advertisers in the NEWS in 1907 were Orval Bass, who had opened a blacksmith shop on the north end of Wait Street behind the Catholic church; Sam Armstrong & Son, plumbing and tin shop, one door south of Andrew Hartline's shoe shop on the east side of Courthouse Square; Keely & Neece, photographers, who advertised 25 pictures from five different poses for 25 cents; William Henry Miller, who was "prepared to do hot water and steam heating on scientific principals" and Miss L. R. DeGroodt, operator of a millinery and fancy workshop.

A few years after the grocery store picture was taken Julius went to work as a clerk at McDavid's Hardware Store and in 1918, he and Andy purchased the hardware business from Charlie McDavid. Seven years later Andy was bitten by the Florida boom bug and sold out to Julius to move to Florida. Julius continued to operate the hardware store until retiring in 1944. Andy returned to Hillsboro and became manager of the Grand Theater when it opened in 1927.

Do You Remember

By: Tom Bliss

Published: The Montgomery News

Old Settlers 1940 - showing storefront 315 S. Main Street
Old Settlers 1940 - showing storefront 315 S. Main Street

315 S. Main St - Hillsboro, Illinois

Businesses at this location:

Dates shown are confirmed with phone book, photo or map.

Meat Market - (1886) - Wood frame building

Meat Market - (1893) - Wood frame building

Paint Shop - (1899) - Concrete block building

Helston Brothers Grocery - New brick building built between 1899 and 1906.

Andy Weingand Grocery - (1906) - Current brick building.

Unknown Name - Grocery - (1912)

Unknown Name - Tavern (shown in 1940 photo above)

Pickrill's Tavern - Tavern (1957)

Ben's Male Shop - Men's Clothing (1972)

Sak's - Clothing Store (1989)

Winslow House - Knitting & Weaving (shown in the photo below)

Buy The Way - Resale Shop (1998)

Hair Gallery - Beauty Shop (2015)

Winslow House - 315 S. Main Street Hillsboro, Illinois
Winslow House - 315 S. Main Street Hillsboro, Illinois

If you have more information on the storefront at 315 S. Main Hillsboro please contact me.

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