Demand Hillsboro Baked Bread - 1925

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Demand Hillsboro Baked Bread - Advertisement ran in the Montgomery News 1925
Demand Hillsboro Baked Bread - Advertisement ran in the Montgomery News 1925

When you order bread, or when you buy it yourself, be sure to demand bread that is baked in Hillsboro. There are three bakeries in Hillsboro that produce bread, cakes, pies, and all kinds of pastry, that is wholesome, made from the purest and best ingredients, as good as money can buy anywhere. These three bakeries pay for rent, taxes, insurance, heat, light and power in Hillsboro. They support the owners of the bakeries and their families, they give employment to bakers and helpers and their families, and the bread you buy helps support these three local industries, which contribute their share towards the prosperity of Hillsboro, just as much as do the smelters, the coal mines, the glass factory, and other industries.

IT IS YOUR DUTY, as a citizen of Hillsboro, to give first consideration to your local industries, which help maintain the prosperity of Hillsboro. It is your duty to buy bread from the bakers who help maintain the city, the county and the schools, that help keep houses rented in Hillsboro, that contribute toward the prosperity of the dry goods dealer, the clothing dealer, the grocer, the butcher, the doctor, the dentist, the druggist, the garage proprietor, the farmer, poultryman, dairyman, and, in fact, TO THE VERY BUSINESS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN.

Hillsboro baked bread is as good as any bread, it is fresher and better than any bread that is shipped into Hillsboro, and it is your duty to demand Hillsboro Baked Bread and to demonstrate your


You can get Hillsboro Baked Bread at practically all of the leading grocery stores in Hillsboro, or at their bakeries.

If your Grocer doesn't handle Hillsboro Bread, patronize one who is loyal to the town in which you live and earn your living.

The City Bakery

Henry Brungger, Proprietor

231 S Main St

The Home Bakery

Forest VanNattan, Proprietor

209 S Main St

The Star Bakery

Louis Mauton, Proprietor

431 S Main St


Hillsboro Supported Three Bakeries - 1923 Hillsboro Map

The street numbers have changed since the "Demand Hillsboro Baked Bread" newspaper ad ran in 1925. The Home Bakery was located where "The Boutique" by Heselov's used to be. The City Bakery was located where Rambo's paint store used to be. The Star Bakery was located where the Journal-News is located today. This 1923 map shows the location of two of the three bakeries.

1923 Hillsboro Map
1923 Hillsboro Map - The bakery ovens are highlighted in yellow.

The City Bakery was in operation for 109 years

The City Bakery opened in 1908 and was owned by Henry Brungger. Henry passed away 9/9/1940. In 1941 Mrs. Brungger sold the bakery to Elbert Acree. At this time, the business name was changed from City Bakery to Hiltop Bakery and Everett Reeves was acting as operating manager. According to the Hillsboro city directory, Elmer Redman was operating the bakery at 309 S Main in 1957. Phone books confirm that Bill Redman was proprietor in 1962. By this point the Hiltop bakery had moved further South on Main Street to a storefront across the street from the Orpheum at 313 S Main. By 1981 Joe Cordani operated the bakery. In 2002 Ron & Chris Durbin were owners of the bakery which was still operating under the Cordani's name. By December 2004 the name had been changed to Caren's Coffee & Donut Shop operated by Caren & Butch Lentz. Caren's closed on March 4, 2017.

1939 Ad for Hilltop Bakery
1941 ad for Hilltop Bakery

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