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Coalton Illinois History

The Nason Coal Company sank a mine a miles west from the corporate limits of Nokomis about 1913. Interested people laid out a town plot, sold lots, and built houses.

The town was christened Coalton, the houses were occupied and more houses were built. As soon as the population would justify, Coalton was incorporated in 1916. A school was erected and for years it was a flourishing place.

After the mine was closed in 1952 a few people drifted away, but the great majority preferred to live in Coalton and drive to work obtained in nearby cities.

Coalton, a clean, attractive village, is a good place to live and has given to the country at large many worthwhile citizens who have made names for themselves and for our community in various trades, professions, and sports.

Taken from the Nokomis Centennial booklet 1856-1956

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