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Cemetery Walk - 10/10/2021

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Dedication of Soldiers & Sailors statue Oak Grove Cemetery 11/7/1902

The Historical Society held a cemetery walk on October 10, 2021 at Oak Grove Cemetery. This page features some of the interesting headstones we visited.

Soldiers and Sailors monument at the entrance to Oak Grove Cemetery in Hillsboro.
Soldiers and Sailors monument at the entrance to Oak Grove Cemetery in Hillsboro.

We started the tour at the Soldiers and Sailors monument at the entrance to the cemetery. The statue was carved from large blocks of limestone and was made in Litchfield Illinois. The top photo on this page shows the statue dedication parade downtown on November 7, 1902. Main Street was dirt at this point and it looks like a muddy mess and they marched all the way to the cemetery to dedicate the statue.

The first stop was at the headstone of Idabel Evans. She was former president of the Historical Society and left her home, the Blackman Evans home to the historical society.

Dr. Ira Fink was an early Hillsboro Doctor. His office and home were torn down to make way for a Casey's General Store. Check out his home and some billing records.

We stopped by the Harkey family plot. Their former home which was built in 1834 is now the Historical Society museum.

We stopped by the Robison family cemetery marker. They built the "Courthouse Pub" building on the Courthouse square and operated a photo studio at this location. Many photos in the Historical Society collection were taken by Ninian Robison or his wife. A couple photos are shown below.

Portraits by Ninian Robison Hillsboro Photographer.

William Vawter has a street named after him. He operated an Omnibus service and provided rides to and from downtown to the train station. He also picked up mail at the train station daily.

David S. Clotfelter built the "Chances" building downtown which is the three story building across from the Orpheum Theater. The Clotfelter family lot has a chair carved from a large single block of limestone.

Truitt built the beautiful home now owned by Susan Hucker.

John S. Hayward owned a lot of land. He has the largest, tallest monument at Oak Grove Cemetery.

The Hayward home still stands on Main Street. If you live in Hillsboro you drive by his place every day. Click the link to learn more about his historic home which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Wilton family operated a livery stable on the courthouse square. This is how it looked back then. The building now houses the Montgomery County farm bureau. It looks totally different today but it is the same building. When the Farm Bureau bought the building they tore the front off and rebuilt it to look like an office building. Still today, if you go to the North side of the building you can still see another large brick arches.

Wilton Livery Stable - Now Montgomery County Farm Bureau.

Former President of Hillsboro National Bank George Fisher was honored for 60 years service at the bank. His home was torn down to make way for McDonald's.

George Fisher - President Hillsboro National Bank

Before the Red Rooster another hotel sat at the same location. Read more about the "Hagee House" by clicking the button.

Judge Rice's "country" home still stands but its no longer considered out in the country it's on Tremont street and is the home of the Dr. Byer's family.