Capitol Theatre Litchfield Illinois

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Capital Theatre Litchfield Illinois
Capital Theatre Litchfield Illinois

The Capitol Theatre in Litchfield is no longer standing. This photo was taken by former President of the Historical Society Idabel Evans. The photo was scanned from a 35mm color slide.

The Theatre was part of the Kneedler building and is now an East Ryder Street parking lot in downtown Litchfield. The Litchfield Chamber of Commerce occupied the office to the left and Orval Hittmeier's Insurance and Real Estate office was located in the office to the right. I think this photo was taken around 1973. The theatre was closed for the summer and the marquee reads "see all the big pictures at your Skyview Drive In." One of the posters advertises 'modern playground for the kiddies" at the Skyview.

Litchfield map showing the location on the Capital Theatre.

The 1936 map above shows a second theatre on North State Street with a Candy Kettle Ice Cream Factory next door.

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