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Butler Grove Household Science Club

The following paper is by Mrs. Amelia Westcott:

The Butler Grove Household Science Club was organized in November 1901 and has met regularly since that time and is now in splendid condition with a membership of about seventy five. The objects of the club are to promote the interest of home making and housekeeping by careful study of the composition of foods and the combinations and preparations best calculated to meet the needs of the body; to study the lack of sanitation in our homes and surroundings which may threaten the health and vitality of our families with the view of improvement; to study the improvement of our kitchens as well as the architecture of the whole house for comfort and convenience and the saving of labor in housekeeping; and last but not the least to endeavor to secure instruction along these lines in all the schools of this township that the health of the coming generation may be preserved.

Miss Clara Brookman was the first president and Mrs. Maggie Wallis the first secretary. Mrs. Ida Turner Brown followed Miss Brookman as president serving for twelve consecutive years, declining to take a rest, Mrs. Amelia Westcott taking her place for one year, and Mrs. Brown being induced to assume the duties of president at the end of the year. Mrs. Westcott has served as secretary the most of the time for the past five years and is now the secretary. Meetings are held on the afternoons of the first Thursday of every month, at the homes of the members in alphabetical order. At these meetings, interesting and instructive papers, debates, demonstrations as well as music and amusements are rendered as per programs previously announced. At the present time a committee, with Mrs. Harriet Turner as chairman are perfecting a plan for getting household science taught in all the schools of the township.

On the rolls of members we now have the following: Mrs. Carrie Barrett, Mrs. Emma Barrett, Mrs. Ruby Berry, Mrs. Hazel Bremer, Mrs. Ida Turner Brown, Mrs. Edna Burris, Mrs. Mary Burris, Mrs. Amy Busby, Mrs. Anna Cass, Mrs. Fannie Chisholm, Mrs. Mabel Cooper, Miss Anna Cory, Miss Edna Cory, Mrs. Vera Cory, Miss Bessie Douglas, Miss Elizabeth Ellim, Mrs. Gertrude Frenknecht, Mrs. Anetta Fish, Mrs. Josephine Grantham, Miss Ruth Grantham, Mrs. Lizzie Grassell, Mrs. Jessie Grassell, Mrs. Mary Grassell, Miss Etta Grassell, Mrs. Louis Greene, Mrs. Grace Harris, Mrs. Ina Hodges, Mrs. C. H. Hoes, Mrs. T. S. Hoes, Miss Florida Howard, Miss Anna Hughes, Mrs. Doratha Johnson, Mrs. Carrie Laughlan, Mrs. Celia Lawrence, Mrs. Maude Luddeke, Mrs. Maria Luddeman, Miss Josephine Luddeman, Mrs. Leila Masters, Mrs. Nellie McLean, Mrs. Lula Mitts, Miss Grace Osborn, Mrs. Nellie Osborn, Mrs. Lylah Reagan, Mrs. May Robertson, Mrs. Minnie Robertson, Mrs. Carrie Sammons, Mrs. Nellie Sammons, Mrs. Ella Schweppe, Mrs. Ferae Turner, Mrs. F. B. Turner, Mrs. Harriett Turner, Mrs. Wilma Turner, Mrs. Anna Van Hyning. Mrs. Maggie Wallis, Mrs. Ella Ward, Mrs. Ethel Ward, Mrs. Mae Ward, Mrs. Adelia Ware, Mrs. Elsie Ware, Mrs. Ida Ware, Mrs. Lottie Ware, Mrs. Mayme Ware, Miss Mary Ware, Mrs. Mina Ware, Miss Fannie Washburn, Mrs. Gale Welch, Miss Nettie Welge, Mrs. Anna Weller, Mrs. Maud Weller, Mrs. Minnie Weller, Mrs. Amelia Westcott. Mrs. Mary Wiley, Mrs. Faye Woods and Mrs. Maria Woods.

Those who signed the original organization papers in 1901, were: Mrs. Clara Brookman, Mrs. Mary Burrls, Mrs. W. A. Charles, Mrs. T. S. Hoes, Mrs. Mary Elliman, Miss Cammilla Jenkins, Mrs. Harriett Turner, Mrs. F. B. Turner, Mrs. Mayme Ware, Mrs. Adelia Aten Ware and Mrs. Maggie Wallis.

Taken from: Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Volume II - Montgomery County (1918)

By A. T. Strange

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