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Buske Lines, Inc.

THE BUSKE LINES, Inc. located at 123 West Tyler Avenue, has been operating trucks for 30 years. The company was started in 1923 by Mr. Herman Buske. At that time one trip per week was made to St. Louis, livestock being hauled into the National Stock Yards and freight back to Litchfield. The equipment used was a Model T Ford truck and 4000 pounds, or 2 tons, was a large load. Today they operate a minimum of 4 trucks daily into St. Louis and they have a carrying capacity of 11 to 18 tons.

About 1930 the company started a run into Chicago and very shortly thereafter started hauling into various other states. It was also at that early stage that the company was incorporated and became the Buske Lines, Inc. Mr. Herman Buske served as president from the time of its incorporation until his death in 1941.

In 1935 trucking became regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission and at that time Buske Lines, Inc., was granted a common carrier certificate to haul general freight between Litchfield, Hillsboro and various intermediate points and St. Louis, Mo. At the same time they were granted a contract carrier permit to haul certain freight between Litchfield, Illinois, and points and places in the states of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. At the present time the Interstate authority is in effect and this firm now has an intrastate permit in the States of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

During the past 15 years, several rather large expansion programs have taken place. In 1938 a branch was established in Warsaw, Indiana. In 1947, Buske Lines, Inc., built their own terminal in St. Louis, and in 1948 they established a branch in Seneca, Mo.

At the present time they have 44 employees. They own 2 pickup trucks, 1 straight truck, 27 tractors and 34 semi-trailers.

In 1952 their trucks travelled approximately 1,229,700 miles; used 214,031 gallons of gasoline and hauled 53,674 tons, or 107,348,000 pounds, of freight.

Present officers of the company are Edwin Buske, Ella Buske, and Roy Prange.

Taken from: Litchfield Centennial Book 1853 ~ 1953

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