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Brubaker Motor Company

Staff at Brubaker Motor Company in Litchfield Illinois
Staff at Brubaker Motor Company in Litchfield Illinois

BRUBAKER MOTOR COMPANY located at 607 North State Street, is the direct factory dealer for Chevrolet and Buick automobiles in the Litchfield area. We take pride in the fact that we are the oldest established automobile dealership in Litchfield and one of the oldest in this part of the state under the same management. Our officers are Clyde M. Brubaker, Sr., president; Clyde M. Brubaker, Jr., vice-president; and Don L. Brubaker, secretary-treasurer.

The business was started in June of 1915, when a contract was signed with the Buick Motor Company to handle the new Buick Six. The first sale was made to Mr. Walter Holderread of this city and was delivered from the Ford Garage operated by Glenn E. Brubaker. In 1916 the business was moved to what is now known as the Brandon Building at 510 North State Street and for many years the business was conducted under the trade name of Brubaker-Buick Company. In 1918 Clyde, Sr., was called into the service in the Infantry during World War I, and resumed the automobile business in early 1919 after his release from active duty. While in the service the business was under the management of the late Edward A. Johnson. On August 1, 1919, the firm moved to the present location formerly occupied by the Spence Garage.

As automobiles became more popular and business increased, an addition to the building was deemed necessary, and this was made in 1923 when the building was extended west to its present length. In February of 1926, a contract was signed with the Chevrolet Motor Division of the General Motors Corporation to handle Chevrolet automobiles and trucks. The business was purchased from Mr. Albert Niemann of Litchfield, and Litchfield Motor Company became the authorized Chevrolet dealership for sales and service in Litchfield at 201 North State Street. On January 1, 1929, the businesses of Brubaker Buick Company and Litchfield Motor Company were consolidated at the 607 North State Street location under the trade name of Brubaker Motor Company, and has continued under that name and at that location ever since.

In 1941 another building addition was constructed to the south increasing the floor space by approximately 50 per cent and providing an entrance on Division Street. The next major change of operation came in 1946 when Clyde, Jr., and Don actively entered the business after their return from service in World War II. In the immediate post-war period the personnel was expanded, and important shop equipment added to increase the service facilities. We believe that we now have the most complete automobile facilities in this area, and we are very proud of the products we represent.

KNEELING: Left to Right: Harold Lehnert, Robert Parrish, Wayne Batty, Russell Roach.

SEATED: Clyde M. Brubaker, Jr., Bernice Frerichs, Clyde M. Brubaker, Sr., Irene Painter, Don L. Brubaker.

STANDING: Arthur Young, Lenos Diamond, Gerald Trimble, John Mejaski, Hobart Weatherford, Harold Rolf, Floyd Smith, Jess Putnam

Taken from: Litchfield Centennial Book 1853-1953

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