Bird's Eye View of Hillsboro Illinois

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Bird's Eye View of Hillsboro Illinois

Do you remember . . .

. . . this view from the courthouse?

Sixty-five years ago, a view from the upper reaches of the courthouse in Hillsboro, looking east, this scene would have attracted attention. The photograph appeared on a postcard, a keepsake of Max Schwartz, obtained from the possessions of the late Homer Schwartz.

In the center foreground ls pictured the brick residence on Broad Street, home of the late William Henry Miller, which was leveled by a dynamite blast in the owner's suicide several decades ago. To the right ls the former Hillsboro Methodist Episcopal Church now the site of Church Street Pub.

The tall tower was Hillsboro's first municipal water tower with its metal tank atop a three-story brick supporting tower. Back of the tower ls a building formerly, housing the municipal water pumping equipment, now housing city street department trucks and equipment. The city's first water reservoir filled what is now Central Park with a dam

under the present Seward Street bridge. The reservoir filled the bottomland south of Central Park to School Street.

Source: The Montgomery News

Published: October 29, 1987

Color Photo: Historical Society Collection.


This article was written in 1987 and says the view was from 65 years ago. This is how Central Park looked prior to 1922. The bridge crossing the lake on the right side of the photo is still there next to the tennis courts on East Wood Street.

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