A Flock of Snowbirds from Irving

A Flock of Snowbirds from Irving Illinois
A Flock of Snowbirds from Irving Illinois

These octogenarians all live in Irving, and they had this group picture of themselves made recently, just to prove that residents of Irving live a long time. While they are now counted among the elderly residents of Irving, all have done their bit in the past, for their home community and those about them. Most of the “snowbirds” in the picture have lived in Irving many years, and not a few are lifelong residents there. The oldsters, their ages, and their occupations, when they were in their prime, and were still able to be up and doing, from dawn to dark are seated left to right: E.P. Carriker, retired barber 87 years old; Dr. E. A. Lyerla, retired veterinarian, 86; Frank P. King, retired farmer, 90; J. J. Carriker, retired carpenter, 92; Frank Berry, retired farmer, 85; Albert White, retired farmer, 87. Standing, left to right: Martin Davis, retired merchant, 82; William Stewart, retired laborer, 81; W.H. File, retired grain buyer, 84; Dr. P. H. Winans, dentist, 82, who is still practicing; L.A. File, retired fruit grower, 86; John Klein, retired farmer, 81; James Calhoun, retired farmer, 80. Other Irving snowbirds not shown in the picture are George Bryce, retired farmer, 85 years old, and Charles Chestnut, retired farmer, 84.

Two former Irvingites who are in the octogenarian class are A. B. McDavid, retired business man of Downey, CA, now 91 years old, and George Benson Kelly, of Los Angeles, CA, 87.

In Irving lives also the only 100-year-old resident of Montgomery County, Mrs, Elizabeth Montcravie, and while the Irving snowbirds in the picture have not mentioned it, there probably are a number of feminine snowbirds living at Irving, who are 80 years old, or older.

Article dated: August 1st, 1947

Article & Photo Provided By: Marjorie Bailey

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