The Bremer House - Hillsboro Illinois

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

928 South Main Street - Hillsboro Illinois

The 77 year old home at 928 S. Main Street - known to many as the Bremer house - will for the first time be featured on a Hillsboro house tour.

Owners Kent and Nancy Hites have extensively remodeled the large three story home since they purchased it from the Bremer estate in May 1990.

According to a history provided by Mrs. Hites, the property was acquired in May 1899 by Washington A. "Wash" White, who left his native North Carolina after the Civil War and moved to Southern Illinois. He worked for one silver dollar a week plus room and board and after saving 100 silver dollars, he moved to Hillsboro and established a haberdashery as the first of several commercial affairs.

Mr. White married Winnie Pauline Brown of Butler and had two daughters by that marriage, according to his grandson, Harold Yount.

The existing house was designed by a Springfield architect, J. I. Rinaker, Jr., and was constructed in 1917. W. A. White died of stomach cancer in 1924, and his wife eventually moved to North Carolina and shuttered the house.

J. C. "Jesse" Bremer and his wife, Imogene, bought the house on March 9, 1942. Mr. Bremer was a well known businessman and entrepreneur engaged in the Nokomis rock quarries, Litchfield Bituminous and Witt Road Builders. After Jesse Bremer's death in 1980, Imogene continued to live in the house until her death in 1989.

Highlights on the Hites' home include an open front porch and rear sun porch with a hot tub and cork tile floor. Red birch woodwork, leaded glass windows and many antiques preserve the home's history, while a new third floor playroom and guest room in the basement's original coal bin display the Hites couple's creativity in making the house a comfortable family home.

Hillsboro 2000 & Beyond held a home tour October 16, 1994.

Written by: Nancy Slepicka

Published by: The Montgomery County News


The Bremer Estate Car Collection

Back in 1981 Jess Bremer's car collection was auctioned at the former Hedlund Ski Warehouse in Nokomis. His car collection included: a Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, 9 Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, Peugeot and 9 Cadillacs along with the car he drove daily a diesel Volkswagen Rabbit.

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